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Power supply commutator PC32

Power supply commutator PC32
Power supply commutator PC32
Power supply commutator PC32
Power supply commutator PC32
Power supply commutator PC32
Power supply commutator PC32
Power supply commutator PC32
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  • Dimensions: 15.00cm x 8.00cm x 6.00cm
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Our customers often face key challenges when operating refrigerated trailers:

Increased energy consumption. Increased TAPA requirements for trailer protection (alarms, additional sensors, trackers, electronic door locks, etc.) result in higher energy consumption of the refrigerator's battery. An additional battery needs to be installed.

Power supply: One of the main issues carriers may encounter is supplying electricity to additional equipment (alarms, tracking devices, sensors, electronic door locks, etc.). This can happen due to emergency situations, power outages, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Overvoltage and short-circuiting: Overvoltage and short-circuiting can damage equipment and cause malfunctions.

Polarity change: Incorrectly connecting power sources can change polarity, which can also damage the equipment.

Unsatisfied drivers: Unsatisfied drivers can reduce the productivity and safety of your transportation logistics, directly affecting the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Disruptions to delivery schedules: Power outages can lead to unproductive delays. The use of facilities and equipment, which leads to customer dissatisfaction and the risk of contract loss.

PC32 Power Backup Device

PC32 is a specialized device designed for continuous power supply to 12-volt equipment:

1. Backup power supply: PC32 is designed to provide backup and auxiliary power to 12V equipment.

2. Advanced switching algorithm: The device manages multiple input sources to ensure a constant 12V output power while simultaneously charging an optional 12V 7A battery.

3. Protection and safety: PC32 ensures reliable protection against overvoltage, reverse polarity, and short circuits, designed to withstand vibration and harsh environments.

4. Uninterrupted power supply: The device ensures uninterrupted power supply, smoothly switching sources as needed, making it a reliable and efficient solution for critical systems such as alarms, GSM devices, and trailer door locks.

How It Works:

PC-32 is a device that supplies power to equipment when there is no power source. It selects a priority power source from multiple ones to ensure equipment operation and safety, and charges an additional battery to increase reliability. If one source fails, PC-32 automatically switches to another to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Key Features

Advanced Switching Algorithm:

PC-32 utilizes a sophisticated switching algorithm to efficiently manage multiple input sources. It intelligently prioritizes to ensure a constant 12-volt power and simultaneously charges an additional 12-volt 7A battery.

Input Source Protection:

This device offers comprehensive protection mechanisms, including protection against overvoltage, polarity change, and short-circuiting. It ensures the safety and reliability of the power supply environment.

Universal Input Sources:

PC-32 is compatible with various input sources, including truck batteries, trailer batteries, and additional batteries. It dynamically selects the source with the highest priority to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Robust and Reliable:

Designed to withstand vibration and harsh conditions, PC-32 is engineered to be robust and durable. It is an essential asset in maintaining stable and secure power delivery to critical systems such as alarms, GSM devices, and trailer door locks.

TAPA TSR Certification

PC-32 plays a vital role in adhering to TAPA TSR guidelines by enhancing asset protection, increasing reliability, ensuring safety, and maintaining the resilience of power supply systems during transportation, all of which are key aspects of TAPA TSR security requirements.

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Model PC32
Package Weight (kg) 0.30
Dimensions 15.00 cm x 8.00 cm x 6.00 cm
Input Channels
24V/GND-Highest Priority-1 24 V power source (e.g., 24 V from a truck)
Nominal Voltage (V) 24
Maximum Voltage (V) 36
Battery Charging Voltage (V) 16-36
Channel Disconnect Voltage from OUT/GND output (V) 16
Nominal Battery Charging Current (A) 1A (adjustable*)
Charging Current Protection (A) 2.5 A circuit breaker
Input Current Protection (A) 5A (SMD fuse)
Indication LED24V Constant on - voltage present at input, off - no voltage at 24 V input or less than 16 V
12V/GND-2nd Priority 12 V power source (e.g., 12 V from refrigerator battery)
Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Maximum Voltage (V) 24
Battery Charging Voltage (V) This channel is not chargeable
Channel Disconnect Voltage from OUT/GND output (V) 10
Input Current Protection (A) 5A automotive mini fuse
Indication LED12V Constant on - voltage present at input, off - no voltage at 12V input or less than 10V
Bat./GND-3rd Priority Additional battery input/output 7A/h 12V
Used Battery 7A/h 12V gel or acid
Nominal Power Supply Voltage (V) 12
Charging Voltage (V) 13.8
Battery Disconnect Voltage from OUT/GND output (V) 10
Charging Current (A) 1
Minimum Battery Voltage to Start Charging (V) 6
Indication LED BAT flashes - charging in progress, lit - battery charged, off - discharged or disconnected.
Output OUT/GND Output for additional equipment power supply
Nominal Voltage (V) 12
Maximum Current (A) 2
Output Voltage Presence Indication LitOutp LED
General Parameters
Galvanic Isolation Self-resetting SMD fuses
Power Consumption (mA) 10
Storage Temperature -25°C... +55°C
Humidity 0 to 90% (non-condensing)
External Battery Operating Time 48 hours
External Battery Charging Time 7 hours
Company Code

1) PC-32

Description: PC-32, a sophisticated power source switch, designed to smoothly manage and optimize power sources for various applications. Due to its intelligent algorithm, it prioritizes input sources to ensure constant and reliable 12V power, as well as charging a selectable 12V 7A battery.

Purpose: The main goal of PC-32 is to increase the efficiency and reliability of power supply systems. It intelligently selects the most suitable power source, protecting crucial systems like alarms and GSM devices from power outages. Additionally, it ensures optimal battery operation, making it invaluable for applications requiring uninterrupted power, including logistics, transportation, and security systems.

PC-32 Power Switch Operation Algorithm:

The PC-32 power source switch utilizes an intelligent algorithm to control multiple input sources with different priorities, ensuring a constant and efficient power source. Here is a detailed overview of its operation algorithm:

1. Determination of Input Data Source Priorities:

- PC-32 assigns different priorities to input sources.

- +24V and GND have the highest priority. If the voltage at this input drops below 16 volts, PC-32 will shut it off and switch to a lower-priority source. The highest priority state will be restored when the voltage rises to 16.8 volts.

- It is noteworthy that when +24V and GND have high priority, they also control the charging of an additional battery. During charging, voltage and current levels are carefully controlled by the microprocessor to maximize battery capacity and operational time.

- +12V and GND have the second-highest priority. If the voltage drops below 11 volts, PC-32 will turn off that source and switch to a lower-priority input. It will return to the priority state as soon as the voltage reaches 12 volts.

- AK and GND have the lowest priority. If the voltage drops below 10 volts, PC-32 will turn off that source and connect to a lower-priority source. It will restore the priority when the voltage rises to 11 volts.

2. Source Selection by Priority:

- When a higher-priority source becomes available, PC-32 smoothly switches to that power source, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.

Real-Life Examples:

Refrigerated Trailer: In scenarios with a refrigerated trailer, PC-32 operates as follows: it first receives power from the truck's +24V supply, then charges an auxiliary battery and supplies voltage to power the GSM device or alarm system. When the trailer is disconnected from the truck, PC32 seamlessly switches to the +12V source from the refrigerator's battery to power the GSM or alarm device. At this stage, the additional battery remains uncharged. As an added level of intelligence, when the refrigerator's battery voltage drops below 11V, PC32 switches it off and redirects power to the GSM module or alarm from the additional battery. If the battery voltage drops below 10V, PC32 initiates the battery switch, allowing the GSM module and alarm to receive power from the respective internal batteries if available.

Trailer with Standard Truck or Platform: In cases where the trailer is pulled by a standard truck or platform, PC32 operates as follows: initially, it draws power from the truck's +24V supply, while simultaneously charging an auxiliary battery and supplying voltage to the GSM device or alarm system. When the trailer is disconnected from the truck, PC32 smoothly transitions to the auxiliary battery dedicated to powering the GSM module or alarm. If the battery voltage drops below 10V, PC32 automatically switches to the internal batteries of the GSM device and signals, if available, ensuring the continued operation of these critical systems.


PC-32 complies with TAPA TSR (Transported Asset Protection Association Trucking Security Requirements) guidelines, enhancing the security, reliability, and resilience of energy supply systems, which are crucial for protecting assets during transportation. Here's how PC-32 aligns with TAPA TSR guidelines:

1. Asset Protection: TAPA TSR emphasizes the protection of transported assets. PC-32 ensures continuous and uninterrupted power supply to critical systems such as alarms, GSM devices, and trailer door locks. This helps safeguard assets by ensuring that security and monitoring systems operate throughout the entire transit.

2. Reliability: The importance of reliable transportation operations is highlighted in TAPA TSR guidelines. The advanced PC-32 switching algorithm ensures that power is supplied from the most reliable sources, prioritizing higher voltage sources to maintain a steady power supply. This reliability reduces the risk of disruptions in electrical power supply during transit and contributes to the smooth operation of logistics processes.

3. Safety: TAPA TSR also places significant emphasis on safety measures. PC-32 features safety functions such as protection against overvoltage, polarity reversal, and short-circuiting. These safety measures not only protect the device but also safeguard against potentially hazardous electrical incidents, enhancing overall safety during transportation.

4. Resilience: PC-32 is designed to withstand vibration and challenging environmental conditions, aligning with TAPA TSR's goal of ensuring the security of transported assets under adverse circumstances. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand road hardships and maintain energy supply resilience.

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