NTT provides you with a complete solution for your semi trailer truck tracking needs.

Our solution consists of an integrated approach :

  • NTT Hybrid GPS semi trailer truck tracking device
  • IOT RFID sensors for cargo tracking or for temperature monitoring of your trailers or cargo
  • Cloud based software solution for easy access and visibility from anywhere

The NTT Hybrid GPS semi trailer truck tracking solution provides you with the visibility and peace of mind that you need when tracking your semi trucks and puts you in control. Best of all, You are able to account for all assets and identify under-utilized trailers with complete visibility over your trailer inventory.

With a unique functionality of operating as a real-time GPS tracker when tethered to power (to the truck) and as an asset tracker with a battery life of up to 3 months once trailers are detached and parked for long periods of time.

Packaged in a robust, waterproof IP67 enclosure and supporting a variety of sensors such as temperature and door, the NTT Hybrid module is a complete trailer tracking solution designed for monitoring powered assets, automatically switching from real-time tracking mode to asset tracking mode when external power is disconnected, providing comprehensive visibility for powered assets.

The NTT Hybrid trailer tracking GPS device sends GPS check-ins in real-time when the trailer is connected to the cabin and automatically works off it’s battery back up once the trailer is disconnected from the cabin, allowing for continuous visibility on trailers parked at job sites waiting to be unloaded and reloaded.

NTT Hybrid advantages:

  • An affective dual mode solution for powered assets
  • Has a large 15600 Mamp rechargeable lithium battery – up to 3 month work on a single charge
  • Can be used as a portable rechargeable asset tracking device
  • Cuts maintenance as integrated battery recharges when connected to external power
  • Optional accessories: Temperature, Volume A to D sensors, IO‘s, Passive and active RFID readers.
  • IP67 waterproof and dust proof enclosure.

Dual Mode operation for Trailer Tracking When the NTT Hybrid is wired to an external power source such as trailer connected to the cabin, the internal battery will be charged and the Hybrid will operate in real-time sending GPS say every minute. When the cabin disconnects from the trailer the external power is disconnected and the Hybrid will automatically switch to be powered by the internal battery and will switch to asset tracking mode.

Asset tracking mode of operation –can be preprogramed to send the GPS location every XX hours (usually once a day) when the asset is in stop position. When vibration is detected the unit wakes up automatically and sends an alarm and switches to motion mode sending GPS every XX minutes for as long as the asset is in motion mode (usually every 60 minutes)

The Hybrid sends notifications to the server when and where the external power is connected/disconnected.

A Complete Solution

One unified fleet tracking software to streamline your business and lower costs for fleet management.

API Support

Improve the speed and efficiency of your organisation with robust API’s. Our GPS tracking devices with API support make it easy for you to get reports data, make changes to your fleet on the fly, integrate with other enterprise systems or even build custom dashboards.

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