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Power Management Module

Power Management Module
Power Management Module
Power Management Module
Power Management Module
Power Management Module
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  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 10.00cm x 5.00cm
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Main functions

The Power Unit is designed to increase the operating time of GPS trackers without an external power source.

In case of external power from the truck (when the truck and semi-trailer wires are connected), the batteries in the device are charged and the GPS monitoring system operates only from the external power source.

When external power is not available (the wires from the truck and trailer are disconnected), the unit's power supply is no longer charged and the unit enters GPS power mode.

The module is designed to solve the following problems of cargo carriers:

1. Extend the operating time of GPS tracking devices: The power management device allows you to extend the operating time of GPS tracking devices without the need to connect to an external power source. This is especially important for tracking the location of cargo and vehicles over long distances.

2. Power Supply Selection and Control: The power control unit provides the ability to select and control the power supply for various electronic devices used in trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. This allows for efficient energy distribution and continuous operation of multiple devices.

3. Providing power to the refrigerator: For refrigerated semi-trailers, the module solves the problem of providing power to the GSM-GPS tracking device, as well as to the refrigerator itself. This is important for controlling the temperature inside the refrigerator and ensuring the safety of the cargo.

4. Power supply redundancy: When multiple power supplies are available, the module automatically switches to the next source if the previous one fails. This increases system reliability and prevents loss of power to devices in the event of a main source failure.

5. Recharging the secondary battery: When the main power supply is restored, the module uses it to recharge the secondary battery. This allows you to maintain the availability of an additional energy source and provides additional operating time for devices in the event of loss of main power.

How the device works:

1. Power supply selection:

    - Power Unit automatically determines the most suitable power source available (main network, additional battery).

2. Switch between sources:

    - If one source fails, the Power Unit automatically switches to the next working source.

3. Energy management:

    - Power Unit monitors device power consumption to optimize electronics operating time.

4. Recharging the extra battery:

    - When main power is restored, the Power Unit uses it to recharge the secondary battery.

5. Control and optimization:

    - Power Unit constantly monitors and optimizes the operation of power supplies to ensure reliable power supply to devices.

TAPA TSR Certificate

The Power Unit plays a vital role in meeting TAPA TSR recommendations by enhancing asset protection, increasing reliability, ensuring safety and maintaining the stability of power systems during transport, which are key aspects of TAPA TSR safety requirements.

Power Unit
Package weight (kg) 
20.00cm x 10.00cm x 5.00cm
Input voltage 
24V (18V to 32V)
Output voltage 
3.8V (adjustable)
Output current 
Max 7 A (nominal - adjustable)
Operating temperature range (°C)

Device Description: The Power Unit is a compact electronic device designed to control the power supplies of various electronic devices on trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

Purpose of the device: Its main purpose is to provide reliable and continuous power supply to GPS tracking devices, GSM-GPS tracking devices and other electronic systems used for monitoring and safety of cargo transportation.

Work algorithm

If the refrigerated semi-trailer is equipped with a GSM-GPS tracking device, it can be powered via the Power Unit according to:

1)   Power source – power from the main network (truck).

2)   Additional battery.

If the 1st source fails, then the 2nd one turns on until it is depleted.

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