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Our clients often encounter significant issues when operating refrigerated trailers:1. Rapid refrigeration unit battery discharge: Increased security demands for semi-trailer protection (alarms, additional sensors, trackers, electronic door locks, etc.) lead to higher power consumption of the r..
The increased requirements of TARA standards for alarm and control systems have led to the need to develop a new security system. In response to these new requirements, the CAN Alarm NTT was developed. One of the main goals of this system was to eliminate the traditional problems associated with the..
SmartLock PRO is a novelty of the company New Transport Technology for cargo carriers transporting critical cargo, which is subject to TAPA cargo protection requirements. SmartLock PRO DSM v2.0 door lock is universal for all types of trailers. The stainless steel lock, which is remotely controlled..
Mechanical door lock for semi-trailer. The DSM v1.0 door lock is a high-security device designed to protect the doors of truck semi-trailers. Door lock body and mounting bolts are made of ANSI316 stainless steel. The lock uses Mul-T-Lock padlocks, which provide a high level of security and reliabl..
Heavy machinery security alarm systemUltra-wide system applications: any opening parts in open areas for protection and monitoring. The system can be connected to any monitoring system or existing security systems as additional sensors. Easy to install and simple to operate. One button operated s..
This system protects the tent trailers from damage to the tent. Theft and illegal passengers. Note: Alarm system work when truck connected only !!!PIR sensors are mounted on the front of the semi-trailer upper corners and can "see" a narrow section of 15 meters in length the length of the semi-tr..
Security system is tailored to refrigerated trailers, as stand alone system.Can be connected to GSM-GPS tracking device, for data transfer. Arming and disarming alarm from remote control. Memory and indications of alarms and power failures. Sensors secured from outside magnetic field tamper..
Our clients often face serious problems:1. Insufficient driver visibility: Drivers may have difficulty seeing when maneuvering, especially when parking semi-trailers, which can lead to accidents and damage to cars.2. Risk to reputation and customer base: Accidents involving maneuvering and..
A video surveillance and parking assistance system designed for trucks is designed to eliminate blind spots invisible to the driver and to protect pedestrians and cyclists. The system warns cyclists or pedestrians about the upcoming maneuver of the truck by emitting an audible signal on the outside..
Power management device is designed to extend the operating time of GPS tracking devices without external power supply. The device is designed for trailers and semi-trailers. Power management block is dedicated to manage power source any electronics gadget if there are few, with possibility for the..
The communication module acts as a data receiver from the trailer and performs all the functions of the security system (data is transmitted via the factory light cable). The module and the module control panel, which have a visual and audible indication, are mounted in the cabin of the truck, in a..
An unique data transmission module for data sending from trailer to VIB module installed in truck via original cables. Trailer load compartment door opening / closing, electronic or mechanical lock locking / unlocking can be monitored via any fleet management system connected to VIB module. Poss..
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