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Trailer Parking Assist System

Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
Trailer Parking Assist System
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Our clients often face serious problems:

1. Insufficient driver visibility: Drivers may have difficulty seeing when maneuvering, especially when parking semi-trailers, which can lead to accidents and damage to cars.

2. Risk to reputation and customer base: Accidents involving maneuvering and parking can negatively affect the company's reputation and lead to the loss of customers.

3. Risk of disruption of business processes: Parking problems can delay cargo transportation and disrupt the company's business processes, which can increase operating costs.

4. Increased costs: Improper maneuvering and parking can damage vehicles, which requires additional repair and maintenance costs.

5. Damage to goods and goods: Failure to maneuver and park properly can lead to damage to transported goods and goods, which can cause financial losses.

6. Anxiety and stress of drivers: Drivers may experience stress and anxiety when performing complex maneuvers, which can affect their performance and safety.

Our solution is a semi-trailer parking assistance system:

1. Coverage of "blind spots": The system is equipped with two sensors on each side and four at the rear, ensuring a complete overlap of the "blind spots" of the semi-trailer when maneuvering.

2. Integration with CAN lines (optional): Integration with CAN lines of your trailer allows you to analyze the speed and direction in real time and provide timely alerts to the driver.

3. Timer setting: The ability to adjust the system operating time when moving forward, which provides flexibility and controllability.

4. Visual and audible alerts: The system provides the driver with information about potential obstacles through visual indicators and audible alert transmitted via the vehicle's FM radio.

5. Increased safety and convenience: Revolutionary technologies help drivers cope with parking and maneuvering even in difficult situations, ensuring safety and convenience.

Here's how it works:

1. When parking in reverse: Sensors on the sides and back of the semi-trailer scan the surrounding space and warn of obstacles.

2. When parking forward: The system is activated after removing the foot from the brake pedal and remains active for a specified time.

3. Visual and audible signals: The system uses LEDs and beeps through the radio to warn you of obstacles, ensuring safe manoeuvring.

Key Features

Comprehensive sensor coverage: The semi-trailer parking assistant can boast extensive sensor assembly. With two sensors on each side and four sensors at the rear, it provides complete 360-degree coverage. This wide network of sensors ensures that your semi-trailer is protected from potential obstacles during maneuvers, whether you are reversing or moving forward.

Advanced connectivity: the system seamlessly connects to your tractor's CAN lines, allowing analysis of important data such as speed and direction of movement. This smart connection enables the system to provide timely warnings and notifications to the driver, ensuring constant awareness of obstacles and hazards nearby.

Dual-mode operation: Whether you're moving forward or backward, this parking aid system will assist you. In reverse mode, it operates continuously, constantly monitoring and promptly alerting. When moving forward, you can customize the system's operation with a timer, allowing you to choose its duration, providing flexibility in various parking scenarios.

Visual and auditory warnings: Safety is the top priority, and this system makes no compromises. It features visual indicators in the form of LED lamps that clearly warn the driver. Additionally, it has a sound warning system that maintains communication via the tractor's FM radio. These dual warning mechanisms ensure that even in noisy environments, you receive direct and unambiguous warnings, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

Overview Value
Nominal voltage 12V/24V DC
Operating voltage range 10V DC~32V DC
Current consumption (24V) 30~250mA
LED indicators
Indicator LED lights: 2.5–1.0 m; lights flash slowly
Indicator LED lights: 1.0–0.45 m; lights flash quickly
Indicator LED lights <0.45m; lights are steady
Detection range 0.45~2.5m (±0.05m)
Sensor height height above ground H=600mm
Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
Sound warnings - FM frequency (programmable) 87.5-99.9 MHz
Moisture resistance IP67

Main components

1) Main device with FM module

2) Ultrasonic sensors IP67

3) Sensor extensions 2.2m/4m

4) LED indicators

1) Main device with FM module

Description: The main block with FM module is the central node of the trailer parking system control, equipped with advanced data processing and communication technology.

Purpose: collects data from sensors, analyzes them, and transmits important information to the driver via FM radio signals, providing real-time alerts about obstacles during parking maneuvers and increasing overall safety.

2) Ultrasonic sensors IP67

Description: These sensors are robust and weather-resistant, with an IP67 protection class, making them highly durable and capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.

Purpose: IP67 sensors are responsible for detecting obstacles around the trailer. Their sturdy construction ensures accurate obstacle detection and reliable operation even in challenging weather conditions, thus contributing to parking maneuver safety and efficiency.

*Rear sensors - LR, RR;

*Rear inner sensors - LC, RC

*Front sensors - RF, LF

3) Sensor extensions (2.2 and 4.5 meters)

Description: These 2.2 and 4.5 meter-long cables are used to connect sensors to the main device, providing flexibility to the sensors.

Purpose: 2.2 and 4.5 meter extensions allow precise positioning of sensors in strategically important trailer areas, ensuring full coverage of potential blind spots and obstacles during parking, thus enhancing

4) LED indicator

Description: These LED lights are integrated into the system and are designed to visually alert the driver.

Purpose: LED lights serve as a visual warning system, informing the driver about important information regarding the proximity of obstacles. Their goal is to provide the driver with the ability to quickly and easily interpret warnings about obstacles, ensuring safe and accurate parking maneuvers.

How the trailer parking system works:

1. Reverse parking mode:

- When you engage reverse gear, the system activates automatically.

- Two sensors on both sides of the trailer constantly search for obstacles to avoid side damage.

- Four rear sensors simultaneously detect obstacles and promptly alert the driver.

2. Forward parking mode:

- Upon releasing the brake pedal, the system activates a timer that can be programmed to operate for your chosen time (from 1 to 15 minutes).

- During this period, the sensors remain active, whether you are moving forward slowly or maneuvering in tight spaces.

- They continue to scan the surroundings to ensure obstacle detection.

3. Visual and auditory warnings:

- To inform you, the system employs multiple indicators.

- Additional LED lights illuminate to visually indicate obstacles.

- A warning sound is transmitted via the truck's FM radio, ensuring that you receive timely alerts even in noisy environments.

Company codeQuantityUnit weight (kilograms)Overview
K-497911.930Trailer parking system
40.02518mm Sensor
K-492410.350Tracking sensor
K-4924.110.220Sensor extensions 2.2m
K-445540.120FM transmitter-receiver
K-497810.060Main extender
K-287210.280Number 17112140 mm G313MF
K-497310.230Left LED signal ZRD LTF-17K
K-497210.230Right LED signal ZRD LTF-17D
K-1743; K-49020.3003-wire cable, 3 m, with 2-pin AMP "mother" connector
K-174310.1503-wire cable, 3 m
K-436460.030USB mounting bracket
K-470610.055Cardboard box
K-492520.090Wired parking sensor
K-293470.035Large plastic press
40.010Self-tapping fastening of FM central block
160.005Self-tapping screws for LED indicator sensors
10.080USB programming cable

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