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Update on DVS System: TfL Announces Changes for 2024TfL has unveiled updates to the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for 2024. Effective October 28, 2024, a minimum DVS rating of three stars will be required in London, up from one star. Fleet operators must ensure their vehicles are equipped with Moving..
Our clients often face serious problems:1. Insufficient driver visibility: Drivers may have difficulty seeing when maneuvering, especially when parking semi-trailers, which can lead to accidents and damage to cars.2. Risk to reputation and customer base: Accidents involving maneuvering and parking ..
The increased requirements of TARA standards for alarm and control systems have led to the need to develop a new security system. In response to these new requirements, the CAN Alarm NTT was developed. One of the main goals of this system was to eliminate the traditional problems associated with the..
The increased requirements of TAPA standards for alarm and control systems led to the need to develop a new security system. This changed the approach to ensuring safety in the freight transportation industry by deploying more modern and innovative solutions. ..
Our customers often face key challenges when operating refrigerated trailers: Increased energy consumption. Increased TAPA requirements for trailer protection (alarms, additional sensors, trackers, electronic door locks, etc.) result in higher energy consumption of the refrigerator's battery. An a..
In recent years, transportation companies have increasingly faced the problem of fuel theft from fuel tanks due to rising fuel prices. Typically, theft occurs in two ways: 1) Breaking the fuel tank cap using a wrench 2) Cutting off the protective metal lock To solve these and other problems, ..
Our clients often encounter significant issues when operating refrigerated trailers:1. Rapid refrigeration unit battery discharge: Increased security demands for semi-trailer protection (alarms, additional sensors, trackers, electronic door locks, etc.) lead to higher power consumption of the refri..
Main functionsThe Power Unit is designed to increase the operating time of GPS trackers without an external power source.In case of external power from the truck (when the truck and semi-trailer wires are connected), the batteries in the device are charged and the GPS monitoring system operates only..
NTT offers a wide range of sensors specially designed for integration into various security systems. Whether you need to ensure the security of door locks, alarm systems or other aspects of your infrastructure, our sensors provide a reliable solution. The most popular sensors from NTT are presented ..
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