SmartLock PRO is a novelty of the company New Transport Technology for cargo carriers transporting critical cargo, which is subject to TAPA cargo protection requirements. The stainless steel lock, which is remotely controlled via a telemetry system or a variable code keypad, is mounted on the door of the semi-trailer, the unlocking and door opening data is transmitted to the office via a transport control system mounted on the front of the semi-trailer. The electronic control module also immediately transmits notifications to the responsible persons about unauthorized opening. The electronic lock complies with the TAPA Cargo Protection Regulation. Meets the requirements of insurance companies Key features: remote control of the lock the ability for the driver to operate the lock with a continuously variable code received from the responsible person unlocking the lock only in the intended geozones automatic auto lock semi-trailer control (coupled or uncoupled from the tractor) transfer of control of the lock to the driver for the scheduled time (only during work or only in certain areas) automatic activation of the alarm when the lock is locked and automatic deactivation when the lock is unlocked possibility to connect various sensors (temperature or other) according to the needs of the carrier easy integration with any telemetry systems.

The electronic lock body is made of high-quality stainless steel, the joints of the lock body elements are welded with special machines, which ensures extremely high construction reliability. The design of the electronic part uses only certified controllers and sensors supplied by world-renowned electronic component manufacturers, which again ensures a reliable and long-lasting service life of the electronic lock.

SmartLock PRO electronic truck semi-trailer door lock have been tested in real, the harshest conditions for a long time.

The locks were fitted to semi-trailers traveling to an extremely hot region of Africa, semi-trailers to the harshest regions of Russia, both in semi-trailers which run constantly in rainy regions of Europe and in areas of frequent icing in the Scandinavian countries.

These realistic tests have made it possible to improve the construction of the locks and guarantee transport companies exceptionally reliable operation of the equipment.