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NTT offers a wide range of sensors specially designed for integration into various security systems. Whether you need to ensure the security of door locks, alarm systems or other aspects of your infrastructure, our sensors provide a reliable solution.

The most popular sensors from NTT are presented below and include motion sensors, door opening sensors, as well as temperature sensors and GPS trackers. However, we also offer flexible settings and the ability to integrate additional sensors at your request to meet specific security needs.

These sensors provide continuous monitoring and quick notifications in case of possible threats or unauthorized actions. We are ready to work with you to create a customized solution that meets your high security standards and protects your assets, whether vehicles, cargo or real estate

Magnetic dooor sensor

The magnetic door sensor (HC60) is a reliable device that plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the semi-trailer and other objects. Its functions and advantages include:

1. Easy to install: Magnetic door sensors are easy to install without the need for special skills or equipment.

2. Strong disguise: They can be hidden from the eyes of strangers, which makes them effective means of hidden protection.

3. Magnetic alarm sensor: The sensor is activated when the magnetic field is opened between two parts of the device, which causes the alarm to trigger.

4. Intrusion alarm: It immediately triggers when someone tries to illegally enter your place.

Magnetic door sensors comply with TAPA TSR, providing protection for goods and assets in transportation, detecting unauthorized access, respecting confidentiality and integrating into monitoring and reporting systems.

Magnetic Door Sensor/Switch Alloy Aluminium Proximity Wired Sensor for – tefcoai

3in1 PIR Pyronix sensor

KX15D is a high-tech device designed to provide reliable safety and monitoring in various situations. Here are the functions and characteristics of this sensor:

1. Digital sensitivity adjustment provides automatic adjustment of the sensor under the influence of infrared light and ambient temperature.

2. The selection of alarm resistor values makes the sensor compatible with different control panels.

3. Volumetric detection at 15 meters is suitable for the safety of semi-trailers.

4. Blue Wave (BWT) technology improves sensor stability and reduces false positives with 3D optics, digital temperature compensation and powerful software.

5. Automatic sensitivity adjustment ensures reliable operation in different conditions.

6. Protective brackets ensure reliable installation of the sensor on the wall or ceiling.

7. Sealed optics protect against insects and reflections inside the body.

In addition, the LDR digital light sensor module complements the security system with the following characteristics:

1. Brightness detection: The LDR sensor accurately measures the brightness and intensity of ambient light, which allows the security system to respond to changes in light.

2. Adjustable Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the LDR sensor can be easily adjusted, making it flexible for different lighting conditions and safety requirements.

3. Status indication: The module has LEDs indicating its status, which simplifies monitoring and diagnostics.

4. Wide Voltage Range: The module is powered from 3.3 V to 5 V, which makes it compatible with various power supplies.

Combining these two sensors in one system provides comprehensive monitoring and ensures reliable safety of semi-trailers and other objects in various conditions and environments.

KX15DD | Security & Alarm System Product Range | Pyronix

PATROL 101 motion sensor

The PATROL 101 motion sensor is a combined device designed for use at low temperatures up to -55°C, which makes it ideal for protecting semi-trailers and other outdoor objects.

Main features and advantages:

1. Narrow protective zone: PATROL 101 creates a narrow protective corridor that allows free movement within the protected area without triggering an alarm.

2. Anti-masking technology: The sensor has an anti-masking function, detecting all attempts to bypass or block it.

3. Dual technology (PIR and MW): Provides stable detection, virtually eliminating false positives.

4. Built-in heating: The sensor is equipped with a built-in heater, which allows it to be used in severe frosts, ensuring normal operation in low temperatures.

5. Displacement sensor: Includes an offset sensor to detect physical attack attempts or separate the sensor from the wall.

6. Pulse counting method: Allows you to select the number of pulses (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to specific conditions, ensuring stable operation.

7. PIR/MW/anti-masking sensitivity adjustment: Allows you to adjust the sensitivity of PIR, MW and anti-masking to specific operating conditions.

8. Visible light protection: The screen blocks visible light, allowing you to achieve a pyroelectric sensor of only infrared energy, eliminating false positives from bright light.

9. RFI/EMI interference protection: Provides reliable protection against electromagnetic interference.

10. Stable housing: The sensor is installed in a durable ASA plastic housing, which provides long service life and protection against dust and water jets (IP65).

The PATROL 101 motion sensor is ideal for protecting semi-trailers and cargo objects on the street. It provides a narrow protective zone, anti-masking function, dual technology for stable detection, built-in heating for low-temperature operation, bias sensor and other functions. The sensor complies with TAPA TSR standards, ensuring safety and reliability in extreme conditions.

PATROL 101 PIR & Microwave Outdoor Motion Detector | Detectors | GSN

Temperature sensor

Waterproof probe with temperature sensor DS18B20 - Okystar - 3m is a high-precision device for measuring temperature in various conditions, including hard-to-reach and wet places. Its application in semi-trailers for security systems includes:

1. Temperature measurement: DS18B20 is a digital temperature sensor that provides accurate measurements over a wide temperature range, from -55°C to 125°C. This allows you to control and monitor the temperature conditions inside the semi-trailer.

2. Waterproof: The probe has a waterproof stainless steel body, which makes it ideal for use in conditions of high humidity and aqueous environments.

3. Long Cable: The probe is equipped with a 3-meter cable, which allows it to be installed in various parts of the semi-trailer for more accurate temperature monitoring.

4. Reliability and Accuracy: The DS18B20 has high measurement accuracy (±0.5°C in the range from -10°C to 85°C) and reliability in a wide temperature range.

5. 1-wire interface: Simple interface facilitates the connection and integration of the probe into semi-trailer security systems.

The DS18B20 temperature sensor probe meets TAPA TSR standards due to its accuracy, reliability, water resistance, long cable and compatibility with security systems, which ensures reliable monitoring of temperature conditions in transport systems.:

Parking sensors

Semi-trailer parking sensors are devices designed to simplify and safely maneuvering and parking vehicles with trailers.

1. Accurate parking: Sensors allow drivers to determine the distance between the rear of the semi-trailer and obstacles such as poles, walls, other cars and objects. This allows you to park more accurately and avoid collisions.

2. Damage prevention: Sensors can detect even small obstacles and warn the driver of possible danger.

3. Increased safety: Sensors signal proximity to an obstacle, which reduces the risk of hitting pedestrians, other cars and infrastructure.

4. Time saving: Sensors reduce the time required for parking and maneuvering.

NTT Hybrid GPS mobile object tracking device

Are you tired of losing sight of your semi-trailers and their valuable cargo? Do you need real-time visibility and full control over your assets? Look for nothing but NTT Hybrid Trailer Tracker, a revolutionary solution designed to meet all your trailer tracking needs.

The ideal solution for tracking trailers

Our comprehensive solution is built on three key components that are easily integrated and provide maximum tracking convenience:

1. Hybrid GPS tracking device for the NTT semi-trailer. At the heart of our system, this device combines advanced GPS technology with intelligent functions. When connected to your truck's power source, it works as a real-time GPS tracker, regularly sending location updates. This ensures that you will always know where your trailer is during transportation.

2. IOT RFID sensors. Get full control over your cargo with RFID sensors. Use them to track cargo or control temperature. Always know the exact condition of your cargo and get instant alerts if something goes wrong.

3. Cloud software: access your trailer tracking data anytime, anywhere with our convenient cloud software. This platform provides full visibility of your trailer inventory, which allows you to account for all assets and easily identify underutilized trailers.

Comprehensive solution for fleet management

Goodbye to the complexity. NTT provides a single fleet tracking software that optimizes your business operations and reduces fleet management costs. Manage your entire fleet from a single intuitive platform.

API support for increased efficiency

For those who need more, our GPS tracking devices are equipped with reliable API support. Enjoy the speed and efficiency of our APIs, which allow you to easily create reports, make adjustments to the fleet in real time, easily integrate with other corporate systems or create your own dashboards adapted to your needs.

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