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Semi-Trailer Security System

Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
Semi-Trailer Security System
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  • Model: Semi-trailer Security System

We offer an advanced security system designed specifically for different types of trailers, with system components selected individually according to your needs. Our systems have several key features that make them reliable and effective:

1. Compliance with TAPA standards: Our systems fully comply with the strict standards of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), ensuring that your cargo is reliably protected.

2. Integration with GPS/GSM: We provide the opportunity to integrate with GPS/GSM vehicle tracking systems, allowing you to track your trailer's location and status in real-time. This is particularly useful for fleet managers and trailer owners.

3. Alarm system: Our systems are equipped with an alarm system that can be easily armed and disarmed, with options for how to control it (car, combined, PIN ALARM SYSTEM, PIB).

4. Sensors: We offer a wide range of sensors, including PIR, infrared, light sensors, lock position sensors, and lock tamper sensors, to meet various security and automation needs.

5. Wireless data transmission: The security system ensures flexible data transmission to the truck using wireless radio signals, helping to increase document security.

6. Interference resistance: Our sensors are designed to withstand external magnetic field interference, and the system includes controlled signal level monitoring to immediately report attempts to tamper with the cables.

7. Customization: We offer various options to choose from for control methods, power types, and sensors according to your needs.

We are ready to offer various protection options for different types of trailers, and our team is prepared to adapt the system to your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure maximum security for your cargo and demonstrate our commitment to adhering to high TAPA standards, ensuring comprehensive protection of your assets on the road.

The trailer security system PIB is designed to work together with the VIB truck security system.

Below are different types of trailers and possible security solutions for them, but we are happy to customize everything according to your needs.

Tent Security System

Refrigerated Trailer Security System

Double Trailer Security System

Car Transporter Security System

Main Features

Advanced Monitoring and Protection:

With PIR sensors in the upper corners of the trailer, it offers precise 15-meter coverage to quickly detect threats and prevent tampering.

Seamless Truck Integration:

Easily activate and deactivate the system directly from your truck with LED indicators for convenient control.

Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking:

Smoothly integrates with GPS/GSM vehicle tracking systems, providing continuous location updates and enhanced security.

Comprehensive Data Management:

Flexible data transmission options via wired or wireless radio signals, along with memory and alarm logs, for comprehensive history logging.

TAPA TSR Certificate

The trailer protection system demonstrates its compliance with TAPA standards by incorporating advanced security measures that meet the strict guidelines of the organization for the protection of transported goods. From tamper-resistant sensors to controlled signal levels and real-time monitoring, our system ensures the highest level of security according to rigorous TAPA requirements, providing peace of mind for your valuable cargo on the road.

TAPA Image 1 TAPA Image 2

Weight in Package (kg)0.60
Dimensions20.00 cm x 20.00 cm x 5.00 cm
Input Voltage (V DC)24
Power Consumption (mA)10
Power Supply12...36
Standby Current Consumption (mA)<20
Max. Output Current (siren circuit) (mA)300
Max. Output Current (position lights) (mA)300
Additional Channels Quantity2
Max. Sensors Quantity4
Operating Temperature (°C)-40-+85
Data OutputRS232

Car Alarm System

The car alarm system kit comes with 2 remote control key fobs, consisting of a central control unit and two compact remote control key fobs. The consoles allow for convenient system control, while the device coordinates its operation.

Combined System

The car alarm system kit with 2 remote control key fobs consists of a central control unit, two compact remote control key fobs, and a security control unit with LED indicators. The remote controls allow for convenient system control, while the device coordinates its operation and displays the system status via LED indicators.

PIN Alarm System

Integrated keyboard for alarm control, mounted on a semi-trailer or container. Three password change methods are provided: permanent password, password change from the office, and dynamic password change. Ensures reliable cargo protection and convenient access control for safe cargo transportation.

PIB Alarm System

Control required from the truck through the VIB block (does not operate autonomously). The main system component is the alarm control unit with LED indicators, providing a convenient interface to monitor various system states.


We offer a wide range of sensors, including door sensors, PIR sensors, and more. More information about available sensors can be found by clicking the link below.

Power Supply Types

1) Vehicle-Powered

In this mode, the alarm is activated and operates only when the vehicle is turned on. This ensures continuous system operation during travel and maximum safety while driving.

2) Dual-Power (Autonomous)

This system has a dual power source - during operation, it uses energy from the vehicle and has an additional 12-volt capacity and 7-amp-hour battery, ensuring reliable protection when the vehicle is turned off. The PC32 switch allows for easy switching between power sources, making the system more flexible and reliable.

Operating Principle of Combined Security Systems:

The trailer security system operates on a highly advanced microcomputer, which properly collects data from numerous strategically placed alarm sensors. Upon detection of any related events or conditions by these sensors, the microcomputer meticulously processes the received information. It then reports the results via an illuminated LED screen, thoughtfully located on the front panel of the trailer. This LED screen also serves as an informative tool to the driver, providing insights in real-time about the currently selected security mode.

Convenient mode selection is facilitated by two remote control key fobs, providing users with an intuitive and universal platform to configure their security preferences. Upon activating the security system, the LED screen begins a distinct blinking, signaling the system's transition to an enhanced security readiness state. In the event that any sensor is triggered, the security system promptly delivers a combination of audible and visual warnings, effectively alerting nearby individuals to the breach.

Furthermore, the system features a convenient alarm deactivation function, allowing authorized users to easily deactivate it with the remote control key fob. In case of power failure, the system automatically activates its own siren, ensuring that an additional level of security is maintained even in unfavorable conditions.

It is noteworthy that when integrated with a GPS device, the security system gains the ability to transmit vital information. This includes the alarm system's status (whether it is activated or deactivated) and the current status of the doors (open or closed). By providing these key details, the security system enhances overall trailer security and tracking capabilities, thereby contributing to comprehensive asset protection.

Below, you will find various types of trailers and possible solutions ensuring their safety and the operation of these solutions.

Safety system for refrigerated trailer

Safety system for tent trailer

Safety system for double trailer

Safety system for car trailer

Company CodeQtyWeight (gr.)Description
1100Information block for tractor VIB06
196VIB block cable set
14VIB - PIB button
16Fuse + holder
1162Siren AMPIRE 514F
1680Box ZP240190105SJ-ABS
1127GSN ACS114R radio
13420BATTERY 12V 12A/H
115Relay 12v
420Large oil sealant
RF door sensor
1170Box ZP20,8060,UJH TM-ABS
1190hc-60 WITH MAGNET

523BATTERY 12V 1,3A/H
15Small oil sealant
125GSN ACS114R radio remote control
PIR motion sensors
1520PIR PATROL 101 with holder
1520PIR PATROL 101 with holder
Assembly materials
126003-core cable
25150Plastic cable holders
50200Self-tapping screws


The cargo section security system meets several key requirements outlined in the Transportable Asset Protection Association (TAPA) guidelines aimed at enhancing the security and protection of transported goods. Some of the TAPA directive requirements met by the cargo zone security system include:

Intrusion Detection: The system utilizes various sensors, including PIR sensors and magnetic door sensors, to detect unauthorized access and intrusion attempts, aligning with TAPA's emphasis on intrusion detection as a primary security measure.

Danger Signals and Notifications: Activating the siren and other danger components ensures that the system can immediately issue audible warnings in case of security breaches, consistent with TAPA guidelines regarding immediate notifications.

Tamper Resistance: Integrated anti-tamper sensors, secure cables, and controlled signal levels within the system aim to prevent unauthorized access and detect it according to TAPA guidelines aimed at preventing unauthorized access and tampering.

Real-Time Monitoring: The system's compatibility with GPS/GSM transport tracking systems allows real-time monitoring and location tracking, meeting TAPA's requirements for cargo tracking and monitoring.

Comprehensive Documentation: By providing detailed technical specifications and complying with industry standards, the system supports TAPA guidelines for comprehensive security documentation.

User Access Control: Remote control panels and centralized management blocks allow authorized users to control the system, aligning with TAPA's goal of controlling and ensuring access to assets.

Data Transmission and Memory: The system's ability to transmit data and record alarms and power supply disruptions ensures the availability of historical information that meets TAPA requirements for comprehensive data management.

Thumb File information
Trailer tent RFlaidu ENG.pdf 170.8KB 23
Trailer Tent RFlaidu RUS.pdf 167.05KB 25
Trailer Tent RFlaidu LT.pdf 190.13KB 28
Trailer RFlaidu LT.pdf 193.87KB 23
Trailer RFlaidu RUS.pdf 165.23KB 23
Trailer RFlaidu ENG.pdf 171.83KB 24
Trailer refrigirated RFlaidu LT.pdf 183.44KB 21
Trailer refrigirated RFlaidu RUS.pdf 151.15KB 25
Trailer refrigirated RFlaidu ENG.pdf 154.67KB 25
Double trailer RF RUS.pdf 165.89KB 22
Double trailer RF LT.pdf 191.54KB 21
Double trailer RF ENG.pdf 170.01KB 23
Car Trailer RF RUS.pdf 211.72KB 23
Car Trailer RF ENG.pdf 215.34KB 25
Car Trailer RF LT.pdf 241.04KB 22
PIB montavimo instrukcija SCHMITZ LT .pdf 1.14MB 0
VIB-PIB moduliai pinout.pdf 489.02KB 0
PIB Installation KRONE ENG.pdf 1.1MB 0
PIB montavimo instrukcija SCHMITZ RUS.pdf 1.22MB 0
PIB montavimo instrukcija KRONE RUS.pdf 1.2MB 0
PIB Installation SCHMITZ ENG.pdf 1.11MB 0

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