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Trailer Head Security System

Trailer Head Security System
Trailer Head Security System
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  • Model: Trailer Head Security System

This integrated system has many advantages:

1. Advanced capabilities: The system provides various security and monitoring options. With 7 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs, support for various buses (CAN, RS232, RS485, K-LINE), and even a 24V to 12V voltage converter, it easily integrates with various monitoring and security systems. This system complements your current infrastructure and enhances overall security measures.

2. Easy installation and convenient usage: System installation is straightforward. Its operation is convenient due to the simple one-button interface and LED indicator control panel, which clearly and instantly provides information about the system status. You can easily activate, deactivate the system, and track event history.

3. Protection of all vulnerable points: This system protects all vulnerable access points, including fuel tank covers, doors, and hatches. It is also compatible with car park monitoring systems using GSM/GPS technology. The system guarantees the integrity of its sensors, protecting them from tampering.

4. Guaranteed alarms: In alarm mode, the system ensures uninterrupted transmission of danger signals and includes a siren with a backup battery for additional reliability. An additional SOS button allows for real-time alarm transmission, ensuring an extra level of security.


Truck protection alarm easily integrates with trailer protection system

Tractor protection system can be integrated with the original tractor remote control, which allows activating and deactivating the alarm

Main Features

Universal Comprehensive Protection:

This system stands out by offering extensive protection and monitoring of all accessible opening parts in open heavy equipment areas, ensuring comprehensive protection of valuable cargo.

Reliable Security Assurance:

The system's focus on reliability is a key differentiator. It safeguards sensors from tampering, maintains uninterrupted alert signals in alarm mode, and includes a siren with a backup battery, ensuring continuous protection and peace of mind.

Advanced Sensor Technology:

Using contact-type internal switches with protection against unauthorized disconnection, automatic sensor checks to disable malfunctioning ones, and storing initial alarm states in memory, this system demonstrates advanced sensor technology, ensuring greater security.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly:

The ability to smoothly integrate with any monitoring or existing security system as additional sensors, along with easy installation and one-button operation, makes it a convenient and adaptable choice for enhancing security.

TAPA TSR Certificate

The trailer head protection alarm system complies with TAPA objectives and guidelines, providing advanced security features and technologies designed to protect cargo and assets during transportation, thereby contributing to a safer and more secure supply chain environment.

TAPA Image 1 TAPA Image 2
Model HDM Alarm
Weight in package (kg) 0.90
Dimensions 10.00 cm x 10.00 cm x 3.00 cm
Nominal input voltage (DC V) 24
Power consumption (mA) 10
Operating input voltage (V) 12...36
Standby consumption (mA) <20
Max. output current (siren circuit) (A) 2
Max. Output current (position lights) (mA) 300
DC/DC converter 24/12 V (2A) 1
Number of analog inputs 7
Number of analog outputs 6
Max. number of sensors 4
Operating temperature (Co) -40-+85
Data output RS232, K-LINE, CAN*, RS485*
Alarm control unit with LED indicators 1

Main components of heavy machinery alarm system

1) Microprocessor VIB control unit (1 pc.)

2) Alarm control unit with LED indicators (1 pc.)

3) Siren with backup battery (1 pc.)

4) Cables: control unit (1 pc.) and sensors (1 pc.)

5) Smart fuel tank cap*

6) SOS button (3 pcs.)

Option: the system can be integrated with CAN ALARM SYSTEM

1) Microprocessor Control Unit (G1)

Description: The microprocessor control unit, located at the system's core, utilizes advanced microprocessor technology to supervise all system functions. It precisely and efficiently monitors sensors, processes data, and generates hazard signals.

Purpose: The main purpose of the microprocessor control unit is to ensure smooth operation and quick response to security events, meeting the strict TAPA security standards designed to protect heavy machinery during transportation.

2) Alarm Control Unit with LED Indicators (R2)

Description: The alarm control unit with LED indicators is a key system component with a user-friendly interface with LED lights. These lights indicate various system states, allowing operators to easily monitor and control the alarm system.

3) Siren with Backup Battery (R1)

Description: The siren with a backup battery is an integral part of the system designed to loudly alert of security breaches or hazard signals.

Purpose: The main purpose of the siren with a backup battery is to provide a loud and attention-grabbing warning signal, ensuring a quick response to security incidents. The inclusion of backup batteries ensures uninterrupted siren operation even in situations where power is interrupted or tampered with, thereby contributing to the overall effectiveness of the heavy equipment alarm system, meeting TAPA security standards for cargo and asset protection during transportation.

4) Cables: Control Unit (1 unit)

Description: Cables are important cable nodes designed to connect and transmit electrical signals between the control unit and sensors of the heavy equipment alarm system.

Purpose: The cable harness is responsible for connecting and supplying power to various sensors used in the system, ensuring their accurate operation and data transmission.

5) Smart Fuel Tank Cap (G4)

Description: This security device, using sensors and a microcomputer, constantly monitors the status of fuel tank caps. In case of unauthorized access, it activates warning signals and can send a signal to the GPS device to deter thieves.

Purpose: The main purpose of this device is to prevent unauthorized access to fuel tanks and theft. It monitors the status in real-time and immediately informs the driver of possible access, ensuring safety and convenience.

6) Emergency (SOS) Button

Description: The emergency (SOS) button located in the driver's cabin is designed to immediately call for emergency assistance or activate the alarm system in the event of accidents on the road or other emergency incidents requiring protective measures.

Principle of Operation of the Trailer Head Protection System:

The trailer head protection system operates based on a sophisticated microcomputer that receives inputs from a network of alarm sensors strategically placed throughout the vehicle. Upon detecting any significant events or conditions, the microcomputer performs comprehensive analysis of collected data. Later, the system reports the results via an illuminated LED screen conveniently located on the vehicle's front dashboard. This LED screen also informs the driver about the currently selected safety mode.

Safety modes are smoothly selected via two remote control units, allowing users to intuitively and flexibly configure their safety settings. Upon activating the security system, the LED screen will start flashing brightly, signaling the system's transition to an enhanced security mode. In the event that any of the sensors detects unauthorized entry or another security breach, the alarm system will react promptly, sending both audible and visible warning signals, effectively alerting everyone nearby.

Additionally, the system features a convenient alarm deactivation function via remote control, ensuring that authorized users can easily deactivate the security system when needed. Even in the event of a power failure, the system will activate the built-in backup power supply siren, providing an additional layer of security.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that this advanced security system fully complies with Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) standards. TAPA compliance underscores its commitment to adhering to the highest industry security standards, providing an additional level of assurance for the protection of valuable cargo.

Moreover, the security system can be seamlessly integrated with a GPS device. This integration provides the system with the ability to transmit important information, such as alarm activation or deactivation status and the status of the vehicle's doors (open or closed). By providing these valuable insights, the security system enhances the safety and tracking capabilities of the vehicle, ensuring comprehensive protection of the trailer head and its valuable cargo, while also meeting stringent TAPA security requirements.

Company CodeQtyWeight per Unit (kilograms)Description
K-462210.1VIB Information Block
K-259210.096VIB Block Cable Set
K-253410.004VIB - PIB Button
K-294410.006Fuse + Holder
K-230610.2Siren HC-BS24
SOS Button


The Heavy Machinery Security Alarm System complies with several key TAPA guidelines, especially in the context of cargo security and supply chain protection. Here are the specific TAPA guidelines covered by the system:

1. Cargo Security: The system meets the primary objective of TAPA – to protect high-value and sensitive cargoes during transportation. This is achieved by securing access points in open areas of heavy machinery, such as fuel tank covers, doors, and hatches, ensuring that the cargo is protected from unauthorized access and theft.

2. Integration with Monitoring Systems: TAPA encourages the integration of security systems with monitoring and tracking technologies. The Heavy Machinery Security Alarm System can be seamlessly connected to various monitoring systems and existing security infrastructure, in line with TAPA recommendations for integrated security solutions.

3. Easy Installation and Management: TAPA emphasizes the importance of practical and convenient security measures. The easy system installation process and simple one-button operation align with TAPA principles to ensure that security measures are accessible and convenient for logistics professionals.

4. Sensor Protection: TAPA places great emphasis on the reliability of security systems. The system's ability to protect sensors from tampering or interference ensures the integrity of security measures, meeting TAPA's robust security technology standards.

5. Uninterrupted Alert Signals: TAPA aims to minimize supply chain disruptions caused by cargo theft or security breaches. The system's ability to maintain uninterrupted alert signals in alarm mode ensures that timely notifications are sent to relevant personnel, helping to reduce potential risks and losses.

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